Auritalia believes in young people
with strong values,
knights for an aesthetic and value-driven-nature Revival,
Their motto is:

“Be The Best,

Do The Best”

The making of an Auritalia Jewel represents for us a great opportunity of union and movement, which see as the main character the young generation. They are the modern knights, passioned and reckless about life, ready to fight for equal rights and tolerance of every human right.

Brave Man

In the subtle journey
of life
I met a silent
Gait of you,
fearless man
of refined speech
in the supreme touch
of self.
An ancient knowledge
of essence and style
that speaks
to us, actors of the day,
surprised at dawn
by a precious knight
who advances with you.

The poem evokes distant ages, and it renews the vision of the contemporary Man, brave and open to every opportunity the future has to offer.
His courage shows on his purest essence through Auritalia Jewels, with the Brave Man collection.
Our creations want to express a deep meaning of union and peace among the future generations. As modern knights, they restore the Italian Renaissance values and traditions, giving the courage to look beyond every barrier.

The primordial source of our values lies in the city of Vicenza, Auritalia birth place and custodian of ancient knowledge of the goldsmith tradition, which becomes the cultural bridge between two worlds not so apart: The Western and the Eastern.

Discover your unique

Italian style

The Brave Man collection is a mix of casual-chic design lines:

“INTRECCI” line, revisits the Vicentina straw processing in a new Revival of the goldsmith tradition.

“CARDANO” line, guides those who wear it towards the discovering of their own technological Leonardo Da Vinci.

“CAUCCIÙ” line, gives energy thanks to its vibrant colors, fitting with your outfit.

“CLASSICI” line, timeless Jewels, for a better vision of the present life.

Auritalia jewels are enriched by symbols and charms that express all the bravery within the Knights of the present.
The collection has its origins from the poem, written by the Designer Maria Loretta De Toni. The praised Man identifies himself with the Modern Knight, full of ethical values and inspires confidence towards the future and helps new generations to bring out their talents.
The “Brave Man” collection refers to the ideal modern knight, who holds the symbolic sword of bravery.
Our symbologies and our charms:
The Knight as synonym of rebirth, the Dagger as symbol of courage, the Stirrup as the balance of every situation, Cross as recall of devotion, the Skull as celebratory symbol, the Compass rose that leads on the right path, the Panther as the necessary strength to face every struggle and many other symbols refer to the tradition, together with contemporary vision of the world.
An interchange of handcrafting for a Man who tells himself on his Brave look.
The Auritalia Jewel, beyond giving the Impetus of discovering new talents, allows to feel citizens of the world, representing our own style at the best.
Auritalia invite you, by wearing your jewel, to live a daily challenge. Enjoy and create a big team, who believes in the same youth values, ready to action!

The Designer


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