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Italian Style

In 1987 Auritalia was born as a young and innovative spirit from the desire of constant evolution and the love of knowledge. It is the direct heir of artistic skills and entrepreneurial traits of Maria Loretta De Toni.
From 2015 we give back its original vigour and freshness, by passing of the baton from mother to son and launching the values of the brand.
We have always been dedicated to the local craftsmanship, as a result of years of Vicenza based goldsmith experience and tradition. We lead our jewels through a revival of Made in Italy product and the Italian style in the world. Italy can be the starting point for future bonds and the main bridge between culture and manufacture with the rest of the world thanks to its Jewels.
Diversity can be unified with the Peace Ambassadors: choosing the Auritalia jewel expresses the willing of closeness between cultures, even with the farthest ones, so they can share the mission of the brand together.

Top Sellers

Auritalia Jewels are the perfect result of talent, style and courage Made in Italy, crafted by Master artisans in 18kt Gold, and 925 Sterling Silver, with a contemporary and unique design.

  • S053.0012D.jpg


    Bangle in Silver
    147,00 IVA incl.
  • R044.0634P.jpg


    Pendant in Silver
    105,00 IVA incl.
  • S079.0007A.jpg


    Rubber bracelet with Silver elements
    191,00 IVA incl.
  • S053.0028B.jpg


    Bangle in Silver
    152,00 IVA incl.
  • S053.0017B.jpg


    Bangle in Silver
    152,00 IVA incl.
  • Be the Best,

    Do the Best

    Create your own Brave Man look
    With Auritalia Jewels.

    Jewels for a contemporary man

    who chooses bravery as

    the deepest essence of life.

    Brave Man

    Auritalia believes in young people with strong values, knights for an aesthetic and value-driven-nature Revival, cosmopolitan capable of representing to their best the Iconic Italian style.

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    The contemporary man will spread

    In the whole world

    the identity of a unique style


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